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Why is it "Radical"? #4

It's radical because it is inclusive. Anyone can benefit from self-care, and from you practising self-care. You can be anyone, anywhere, and practise some level of self-care. And most of all, it's inclusive of all the feelings - we welcome them all. It's not only about embracing the "positive" (although being able to see more positive in all situations is very useful.)

It's not always about feeling love and light, unicorns and rainbows! Though it is about ultimately raising your vibe.

It's accepting and welcoming all of ourselves without judgment, and all of our feelings, with compassion and respect, not seeing any as “negative” but that they all have a purpose...even if they are no longer "necessary". In which case we can work on releasing them.⁠

For example, something upsetting that happened to you in the past has made you more resilient and stronger; now decide to do things differently, help others or engage in therapy or wellbeing practices that helps your overall health in body, mind and soul. ⁠

Acknowledgement, awareness, gratitude, transformation, love.⁠

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