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Why is it "Radical"? #5

It's Radical as it's not a quick fix, or a denying of feelings, or a positive vibes only...vibe. It's a commitment, and an all-layered approach. ⁠

Some focus on the physical... Diet, exercise, massage, breath work, movement. ⁠

Some focus in the conscious... Talking, mindset, journaling, goals, boundaries, making choices.⁠

Some focus on the subconscious... NLP, hypnotherapy, affirmations, archetypes. ⁠

Some focus on the spiritual...belief systems, meditation, yoga, putting it out to the universe.⁠

All these things are wonderful in their own right. And working on one area invariably benefits another. ⁠

What's radical about my approach is that we consciously and mindfully work on ALL these four PILLARS of SELF-CARE! ⁠

So that any positive changes you make in your life are wholistically integrated in a physical, mental, emotional and energetic way. ⁠

So ALL aspects of you are important and involved. ⁠

It's so much more effective and a greatly underestimated way of making change. ⁠

For example, the effect of stress is held - sometimes for years - in the body, mind, and energy field. When it is released and healed physically, mentally, emotionally AND energetically, any transformation that takes place to move you towards your goals, happens in a mind, body and soul level. ⁠It's more integrated, more embodied, more whole, more permanent.

That is true holistic change, and it's why Radical Self-Care is so important for the bigger picture in our lives.⁠

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