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About Pippa

Founder of The Space Within Wellbeing Studio

& The Radical Self-Care Movement.  Passionate about helping people - especially mums - with their wellbeing and self-care

Are You Ready?

At this time, our work-life balance and investment in self care and development are so important. It's time to make a change for the better, to take radical responsibility for our wellbeing AND know that we are not designed to do this alone!

Go from this...

Struggling a little with how you are feeling at the moment, maybe it’s been a while and things are building, whatever your circumstances, life might feel "OK", but you know you'd like less of...

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Overwhelm, anxiety and busy-ness in your mind

Trying to do / be all of the things (perfectly) for everyone

Tension and disconnection in your body

Uncertainty & not quite knowing how to start...or continue

...To feeling like this

Knowing it’s time to sort out your self care, ready to invest in your wellbeing, and not compromise anymore. No more putting yourself bottom of the list. You know you want to feel more...

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Painted Green Arrow
Painted Green Arrow
Painted Green Arrow

Energised, empowered and embodied in your self care

Healthy lifestyle choices that you can stick to

Wellbeing tools and techniques to use anytime

Ability to relax and face challenges in all areas of your life

My mission is to commit —
through passion and
compassion — to inspire
and nurture people to be energised, empowered and embodied in their self care
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Nice To Meet You!

Hi, I'm Pippa: Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Quantum Flow and Thai Massage Practitioner, and founder of The Radical Self Care Movement.

I live with my husband, three children, and our dog in North Bedfordshire, UK, and opened The Space Within Wellbeing Studio in October 2023.


I am super-passionate about providing specialist holistic services to enable people - and mums especially  - to feel more calm, connected and energised whilst being inspired to live the best version of their life, whatever stage in life you are going through. To be healthy and positive on the inside and out...physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Life has definitely given me challenges over the years, but having the people, tools and practices to help cope has not only helped me survive, but learn to thrive.​

It breaks my heart when I hear people talk about wishing they'd had more support through their experience, into and through, motherhood. This is why I do what I do for new mums, and not so new mums - because life will throw a curve ball our way at times, and it's how we respond to them that makes a difference.​

As our children grow older and life moves on from those hazy early years, we can benefit so greatly in further connection to ourselves, finding ways to ease stress levels, aches and pains, to feel strong and healthy, happy and inspired.

It Takes A Village

I have no doubt that our experiences of parenthood from early pregnancy, through birth, the postnatal and toddler then school years and beyond, can be so much harder if we don't find the support, nurturing and community we naturally need, and crave. Not only as a mum, but as a person! We weren't designed to go through this alone, and we were never meant to do all of the things on our own - especially self care!    Our experiences through our own childhood play a huge part in how life is for us as adults - and as parents - too.

Having said that, with support and gentle guidance we can usually find the answers we need within us.

Pippa Moss in garden by Purple Sox Photography 2021

Through the Radical Self Care Movement Community, you will find a growing community of like-minded, heart-centred and soul-led mothers; you will find your tribe. There is also the opportunity of working with me to find deep and joyful connection to yourself; to find your own way to optimal self care in your life - for you as an individual, because there is no “one size fits all”. Because you are worth investing in, for you and your loved ones, and future generations.

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Having a special place to go, to connect with self, and others, where you can truly relax, is so important for self-care that makes a difference. 
I am a space holder, and gentle guide.  I am a mum like you.
I am full of gratitude for this work, that I get to walk alongside you and share in your journey - into motherhood, and way beyond.

"I found my coaching sessions with Pippa a freeing experience. I realised just how much I was holding on my shoulders as a mother, sister, professional and friend, and how little space there was for my feelings and my needs. I have learned a lot about me, and also techniques and practices that help in all aspects of my life. I think I needed gentle kindness from myself to myself, Pippa has helped me understand that. It was a very welcome, emotional and rewarding process."


“I vividly remember coming out of that first pregnancy yoga class with you thinking ‘wow’! Your class truly was on another level to the ones I had been attending previously. I instantly warmed towards you as a person, your confidence, expertise and knowledge of yoga poses and pregnancy was obvious, and I absolutely loved the chat and tea part of the session.

Your classes transformed my experience by how you opened my eyes to how beautiful and empowering labour could be. The active birth techniques that you incorporate into your sessions became invaluable to me; I am certain that my labour would have been very different if I hadn’t been armed with all the techniques and knowledge you gave me. And to this day I am thankful for that. 

I can’t rave about you and your classes enough! I absolutely love you and all you have to offer to  women."

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