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Why is it "Radical"? #2

It's radical because it takes guts!

It's radical because it's not always the easy, or "soft" option (although sometimes it can be easier than you think, too!).

Self-care, to many people, has become a bit "fluffy", like taking time to have a nice bubble bath, get your nails done, read a book, or attend a yoga class.

These things are lovely and really helpful to calm the nervous system if you enjoy them (and possibly more about "me time" to do the things you love, and about self-love, which is of course important and significant part of self-care) but just a piece of the larger puzzle.

Real (radical) self-care is less fluffy and rather more powerful and transformative, as it helps to bring positive change to our physical, mental, emotional and energetic life.

Self-care can be uncomfortable, stepping outside the comfort zone, getting to a more positive place.

It requires us to be strong, resilient, and focussed, yet flexible, open minded and open hearted.


It's sometimes means having to acknowledge and do something about your fears, mistakes, triggers and responses.


It's sometimes about being brave and overcoming challenges, having difficult conversations, putting in boundaries, making important decisions.


It's sometimes about reaching out and asking for support and showing your vulnerability (then acknowledging the amazingness of that!)


It's sometimes about saying sorry, breaking down barriers and embracing love, forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others.


It's sometimes about letting yourself be more open minded and open hearted.


It's sometimes about actually taking action! To do the thing, even if it feels easier not to. It's also sometimes about NOT doing the thing, and saying "No"!

Self-care is made up of self development, self awareness and self love. The inner work before the outer work. It’s the BEing as well as DOing.

It's not fluffy.

It's powerful.

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