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Why is it "Radical"? #1

Its radical because its mother-led.

Self care is important for everyone. But the self-care revolution will be led by heart-centred people; the women and mothers (this includes those who take on a mothering / caring role).

The nurturers, in a patriarchal system.

We are the fabric that holds our families and our cultures together.

We are the safe space for our loved ones, and we care for each other.

We can be the role models and the example.

Not in the striving to be perfect.

Not being all things to everyone.

Not to be it all on our own.

We are open to change, to becoming the best version of us.

We embrace change and improvement. With no expectation of the lie of perfectionism.

In the most beautiful, raw, real and human way.

In a way which is compassionate and inclusive, and not dictated from a patriarchal system.

In a way that we take radical responsibility for our own self care, whilst in a way that we ourselves, are nurtured and supported, and can give generously from an overflowing cup.

At times we need to fill our cup and we are in a place where we have knowledge of, and access to, tools, resources and support - from our community and also within us - to restore. That sends ripples out... To our partners, children and wider circle. To society.


You are invited to join this movement. Wherever you are.

This may be what you are practising already.

You may be at the start of your self-care journey.

You may just be interested in finding out more.

You may be interested in the "woo" or the science or just the sense of wellbeing.

You may be struggling right now.

You may be feeling life is sweet.

You may be up and down.

You may not realise the impact that you can have on your own life and others.

You are perfect.

You are welcome.

You are invited.

To step up, in your own time and way to be energised, empowered and embodied to make these changes.

If you're on facebook and not already in the FREE community group, please do join; I share quite a lot of info and resources in there :) Radical Self-Care Community - for Heart-Centred Women

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