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What is it "Radical"? #3

It's radical because its a generous act.

It is as much about togetherness and it is about individuality.

It’s not prescriptive, and one size fits all, because everyone is unique and has different experiences, personalities, wants and needs, and also aspirations for life.

However, assuming we all tend to aspire to feeling as happy, healthy, loved, worthy and useful as possible, there are common denominators in how we can achieve those things.

Things that help support us in our human - mind, body and soul - existence. As well as practices that align to that, a huge part is community.

As humans we are designed to live in groups. The support, love, skills, friendship, leadership, resourcefulness, and kindness that people can offer us, attribute to our survival.

Finding our tribe, spending time with like minded people is extremely important. People we feel we resonate with, people with similar interests, passions, vibe. People we can talk to, laugh with, cry with, hold, and hold space for.

So, self care is not something you need to do on your own. We thrive off the support, love, ideas and trust of others.

Yes, we can enjoy our own company and spend time alone. Some of us (introverts especially) really need that.

Yes, be responsible for your own self care, and any transformations that arise through that, but part of that is supporting others and being supported by others too.

We were not designed to do this alone!

And it is not selfish, there is no guilt in practising self care as it benefits others so much. Others in your family, your life, and in the group. Everyone you interact with, and therefore, potentially, humanity.

The Internet allows us now to connect in a way we haven't been able to before. We can find all those things from people all around the planet and feel part of a community that supports us.

Self care being a self awareness that makes us assess - and change if necessary - our thoughts and actions, therefore how we show up in the world.

Therefore, NOT engaging in self care can be seen as the selfish option. Self-care is about being open. Open-minded, open-hearted.

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