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Well it's been a while...

Hi all, as a fresh new name, website and energy flows through my business, I have decided to start up my blog again. So I thought I'd start with a quick intro for those who are new to me or would like to get to know more about what I do.

I'm Pippa, I live in Bedfordshire, UK, and am a:

- Mother of three

- Yoga Teacher

- Quantum Flow Practitioner

- Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

- Energy & Embodiment Life Coach

- Plant based & music enthusiast!

I am super-passionate about providing specialist holistic services to enable people (especially mums) to feel more calm, connected and energised whilst being inspired to living the best version of their life, whatever stage in life you are going through. To be healthy and positive on the inside and out.

12 years ago I moved here from North London, and started my business, first of all teaching pregnancy yoga and active birth preparation, then postnatal yoga and baby massage, before training as a Doula and supporting many local families locally through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal months. My vibe has very much been helping mums find their holistic, empowered and positive side in their journey through motherhood.

I have no doubt that our experiences of parenthood from early pregnancy, through birth, the postnatal and toddler then school years and beyond, can be so much harder if we don't find the support, nurturing and community we naturally need, and crave. Not only as a mum, but as a person!

In recent months I have upskilled as a Life coach - specifically - spiritual, subconscious transformation and life success coaching. I work in person and online.

This work has helped me so much, in taking my own self care to the next level, and I am so happy to being coaching to my portfolio of services, it creates a such magical space for people to make positive changes for themselves.

We weren't designed to go through this alone, and we were never meant to do all of the things on our own - especially self care! Having said that, with support and gentle guidance we can usually find the answers we need within us. Our natural state is calm, safe and a feeling of "being in flow".

Let's honour our feelings, and aim for living in the highest vibe we can!

So - Glowing with the Flow - is about helping us to be in flow in our lives, and to shine, to glow, being our happiest, fullest selves. It's about super self care which benefits those around us as well as ourselves.

Thank you for reading thus far, and I promise not to leave it so long next time!

If you'd like to find out more about working with me, please click here

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