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How do I teach yoga?

There are many different styles of yoga, and many different teachers. It saddens me when someone says they tried a yoga class once and it wasn’t for them, because it’s likely that it was just maybe not the right style or teacher for them, or even maybe it was but it can take a few sessions to “get into it”. I do believe though, that there is a yoga out there for everyone.

My yoga classes are not for everyone. I specialise yoga for women who are mothers, for new mothers and for mothers to be. Even in yoga for women, and in pregnancy and postnatal yoga, there will be slightly different approaches and styles, knowledge and experience of the teacher that they bring, and possibly other skills and training they have (not many yoga teachers are “only” yoga teachers, they are often holistic junkies that love other wellbeing practices too!)

What do I bring to my classes? The aspects of yoga that I have experienced and enjoy; that I embody and feel the benefit of. There is influence of Vanda Scaravelli and somatic movement in there, and of the wisdom of women passed down through my teachers at the Active Birth Centre. My teaching is greatly influenced by – and nuanced in -the huge transition that women go through when they birth their babies, and also when the new mother is “birthed”. I am also very aware of the intricate relationship we have within us between inner strength, power, confidence, and also flexibility, openness and gentleness (which in themselves are huge strengths IMO).

A deep, mindful, gentle practise (even in strong stretches), which doesn’t always look “advanced” from the outside, doesn’t often break a sweat, doesn’t force, push, fight; it’s not caught up in building particular muscle groups (well, some pelvic floor does come into it), or about strict alignment (unless safety is involved, or comfort). I like to work WITH our bodies and empower you to feel into and respond to what your body likes, how it communicates with you. I like to tune into the fluidity within us, and move within postures, breathe and be alive in them. Tuning into the feminine power within. Tuning into self compassion and love. The body then has permission, and ability to be guided into undoing tension, to decompress, to elongate out. I aim to help us feel freedom and elegance in the body but it's not about a constructed view of female elegance. It's how it feels. It's how easy it gets to be. Even in the challenges. It's about taking up space in your power, in the softness. Big heart, big feet, big aura!

I encourage you to un-do, and Be, even if it’s just glimpses here and there of being completely in the moment. I teach self care, compassion and love. I encourage you to bring these techniques into your everyday lives, off the yoga mat. If you only ever “do” yoga on a mat, you are not going to gain the greatest benefits from it. Even a type of breath, or an approach to a stretch, can be useful in birth, or in experiencing unwanted emotions, or dealing with a challenging situation.

People often come to yoga for an hour or two for themselves; I aim for their lives to start changing even in the tiniest ways at first that will help them feel better and engage in self care. People have come back to me years later and said our yoga classes sent them on a wonderful journey of self development, or a way of being they didn’t even know was possible before. This is certainly true for me too and I am excited for what my own practise will bring in the years to come (that I may also pass on to others).

Other skills come into play with the yoga I teach:

- As an Active Birth Teacher and Doula, I have over 10 years of experience helping people - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically - prepare for birth, supporting them through it, and being there postpartum. So this is a huge advantage for me and you in my pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes.

- As a life coach (specialising in spiritual, subconscious and self care), it’s helpful especially during tea and chat time within any of the yoga classes for helping to support you in your questions, offloading and sharing of information. Sometimes seeing things from a different point of view is key, as well as having some tools up my sleeve around mindset and limiting beliefs etc.

- As a Quantum Flow and Reiki practitioner, I can bring in more transformational energy work, meditation and connection with deeper grounding and making positives changes on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I sometimes include Quantum Flow in the yoga sessions, and it works brilliantly in retreat days and evenings.

- As a Thai Yoga massage therapist, I have a understanding of the power of touch, rhythm, pressure, grounding, energising and holding (be that self massage or hands-on from me within postures), and of really being in our bodies.

- As a Mum of three very different children (one with special needs), who each had very different births, I have experienced first hand the power of yoga for a truly transformational and life changing super- positive birth, and how to utilise the tools for a not-so-positive birth. I have embodied and used them and feel very privileged to pass this knowledge on.

I also appreciate fully how, as mothers, we need to find some time for us. For our body to be ours again for a bit, to stretch out and find some space within, as well as moving our body and feeling more comfortable. To feel rested AND energised, to be able to breathe fully, come back to ourselves, connect with other like-minded mothers, and fill our wellbeing cup.

All of these modalities compliment each other, all have additional techniques too many to mention and I am so full of gratitude for this huge toolkit I have access to for myself and my clients. It helps me access my intuition about what can be useful in classes, and for anyone who wants to go deeper and get more individual support through working with me in a program or 1:1 package.

There is something for everyone who wants to work with me, from my free facebook group, right through to VIP Fast-track Transformation Days.

Do join my group if you haven't already (there'll be some exciting things happening in there very soon around my re-launch): Radical Self Care Movement - for Heart-Centred Women

Come along to Candlelit Yoga on 12 December in Biddenham. There's a few spaces left.

And please reach out in messenger if you'd like to chat about coming to yoga, or working with me 1:1.

Have a beautiful day - breathe deeply

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