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Be in Your Body

There’s a lot of information out there about mindset and mental techniques for birth, hypnosis for birth. There are some really GREAT approaches and techniques that I respect and include in my Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation classes; they can give us tools to reduce pain, make birth easier and more positive. BUT - did you know that if we think too much during labour and birth, it can really slow the process down?

A common misconception with mental techniques is that it’s all about “mind over matter”. The belief is that the challenges/pain of childbirth can be simply overcome if you just imagine them away, and for some this may be the case, but for many, when that doesn’t work for them in that way, they can feel let down by the techniques and find birth a stressful experience, which is not a great start to life as a parent, especially if you made an effort for it to be different.

Of course, a positive mindset and techniques such as empowering affirmations and

visualisations can really make a world of difference, HOWEVER, do NOT underestimate the importance of also learning about and connecting with your BODY in regards to birth preparation. I am not talking about preparing your body for birth by working it really hard, making sure your muscles are really strong, or increasing your cardio fitness levels. Of course a healthy body is always a plus😊

What I am referring to is making mind-body connections (for example so when you relax your mind, you really FEEL and connect to your body relaxing too; when you relax your jaw, your pelvic muscles also relax), using the breath in a simple yet very effective way, letting your body physically KNOW what positions and movements can be helpful to you during labour and birth (and therefore more easily tune into instinctively). Feel confident in your body and it’s ability to birth.

Know you can be active AND relaxed; you can be calm AND strong; mind and body.

Karma Birth Pregnancy Yoga is a perfect way to prepare for birth that brings it all together, the mental and the physical stuff in a really integrated and comprehensive way, and we learn and practise getting out of our busy minds and into our bodies, and THAT's where the important stuff happens

(and is very useful postnatally and for life in general too…but that’s another post!).

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