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A blog is born

I have thought about starting a blog for ages. But I'm a great procrastinator - it's one of my talents! Sometimes it just needs to be the "right" time, for whatever reason, stop being uncertain and just go for it; whether a great deal of thought has gone into it, or it just seems to happen. A bit like being pregnant and having a baby; before I got pregnant with my first, I thought about it for a while. Wondering when the right moment was, not feeling quite ready, then feeling ready and my partner not feeling quite ready....When was the "right" time? Can we afford it? What about my career? Are we healthy enough? Are we ready to take on that responsibility? When it happened, it took us a little by surprise. But - it was a totally good thing! And changed my life in more ways than I could ever put in a blog. However, it sowed the seed for me doing all the work I do now and became the seedling that grew into Karma Birth as a business. Hopefully this blog - although not as significant as having a baby - will be the start of something good too. And just like a new mum, please bear with me while I find my feet with my fledgling blog! If anyone reading this has a blog, how has it been for you?

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