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What is self care? What's all the fuss about? I want you to know that self care isn't always about finding time to have a bubble bath, or read a book in peace. Have your nails done or go to the gym. In fact, it's debatable whether these things are. actually. self. care.

To me, they are more like "me time" activities. Don't get me wrong, quality me time -whether it's a night away or 5 minutes peace in the bathroom, having a pamper session or exercising -can bring happiness, a sense of calm, and much needed break in some cases. It's important, to do things that help you feel happy, and de-stress.

BUT - real self care is about making positive changes to your life that mean these happiness-producing activities are just p art of normal life. It's sometimes about drawing up more boundaries about who and how you spend your time and energy. It sometimes means you need to release situations, people and feelings that are not positive in your life. It's about mindset, self respect and moving forward in your life.

Changing things to move into more self care is not always easy, or even pleasant to begin with. Sometimes it means having an important conversation, or asking others to step up, or reaching out for help. Taking responsibility, and being open to accepting support, saying No more often (or yes!)

Then, things become easier. Self care becomes a way of life. And it's such an act of love and compassion that it inspires others too - it's not a selfish act at all, far from it.

We have to take responsibility for our own self care, but that doesn't mean doing it alone! Having the support and inspiration from others also seeking this is hugely important and beneficial.

That's why I have upgraded my fb group to be, The Radical Self Care Movement - for Heart Centred Women.

Come and join us over there. Let's rock this radical self care together.

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