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Our smaller, cosy space for Treatments, Therapies and One-to-Ones

The "ZEN DEN" is another little space within THE SPACE WITHIN!

Our therapy room has an intimate, cosy boho feel, with enough space to comfortably stretch out for a one-to-one Coaching,  massage or private yoga session.

See below for details of what's on offer:
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Treatment Details
Pippa Moss Thai Yoga Massage Bedford Astwood Milton Keynes
Thai Yoga Massage
2 hours - £95
90 mins - £75
A thorough and meditative treatment for the whole body, Thai Yoga Massage (or Traditional Thai Massage) is often referred to as a "physical act of loving kindness" as well as “lazy persons yoga”! Working along the body’s energy lines as well as working deeply into easing muscular tension, mobilising joints and relaxing the whole system with massage, squeezes, passive yoga based stretches and movements. As the person receiving Thai Yoga Massage all that is required of you is lying on a warm futon mattress, remaining fully clothed and comfortable, letting your body (and mind) completely relax!
Indian Head Massage at The Space Within Wellbeing Studio
Indian Head Massage
1 hour - £55
90 minutes with Reiki - £75
Everybody loves an Indian Head Massage!  Partly done seated, partly laid down, this wonderful treatment help s relieve muscular tension in the shoulders and upper back, neck, head and face.  It works on acupressure points and helps with many issues, such as improving circulation, promoting hair growth, better sleep, lymph drainage, clearing blocked sinus', headaches, stress and tension build up.
It's reviving as well as relaxing, so great for improving energy levels and alertness.
The treatment can be done over clothes or with aromatic oil, and combining with Reiki is a favourite at the studio.
Thai Foot Massage at The Space Within Wellbeing Studio
Thai Foot Massage
1 hour - £55
90 minutes with Reiki - £75
Such a relaxing massage, Thai Foot Massage actually incorporates stretches of the arms and legs, and an oily massage of forearms and hands, lower legs and feet.
Working on energy lines and reflex points, this is such a lovely treatment for anyone wanting some real nurturing, with the ultimate being combined with Reiki.
Reiki Therapy
1 hour - £55
Usui Reiki realigns and increases easy energy flow and directs the body's natural healing process for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefit.
Non-intrusive and gentle, yet effective, Reiki supports you on your self-care journey on many levels.  During the treatment your will have a chakra  balance and anywhere in the body or energy field that requires some attention.  All that is required is that you sit/lie down and relax.  Many people feel a sense of deep rest and release.
Pregnancy Thai Massage
Pregnancy Nurture Treatment
2 hours - £95
90 mins - £75
For second and third trimesters, this wonderful treatment is a real treat, and often something a little bit special and different compared to salon pregnancy massage.
The 90 minute version is Pregnancy Thai Massage, a whole body massage done lying on one side then the other, ending in a position comfortable for you for a beautiful face massage.
The 2 hour version also includes techniques incorporating a birth ball, rebozo (long woven cloth), and Reiki for deep rest at the end.   The ultimate relaxing treatment that your body, mind and soul (and your baby!) will thank you for.
Postnatal Rebozo Birth Healing Massage
Mother's Nurture Treatment
2 hours - £95

A beautiful and nurturing session: part massage, part ceremony, a combination of  postnatal Thai Massage, “Closing the Bones” inspired abdominal, pelvic and upper body massage, and rebozo swaying and wrapping, this treatment is especially therapeutic for postnatal mums, or in fact anyone who has been pregnant, at any time, including pregnancy/baby loss. 

It's a wonderful deeply healing way of nurturing yourself after a life transition, such as menopause or loss, too. It's a wonderful gift for anyone who gives a lot to others, an act of self-love to be nurtured, physically, emotionally and spiritually. There is an honouring of the body, mind and soul and your journey into and through motherhood, fertility, natural phases and transitions in life.

Baby Cranial Sacral Therapy with J'Nel
Cranial Sacral Therapy
with J'Nel Metherall

J'Nel specialises in treating babies and mothers.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle touch therapy that tunes into the subtle movements of the body, making it a wonderful therapy for even the youngest baby. As a craniosacral therapist, I feel into the body's natural rhythm and follow it's movement and fluidity, noticing its subtle quality changes, asymmetries and restrictions, giving attention to the areas that may want to relax and let go of tightness.

CST is a gentle, but powerful therapy that can help to relax and release physical, as well as emotional, strain held within the body. It is suitable for all ages, but when received by babies it can promote optimal development from the start of life and encourage better movement and function for the whole body. It can help reduce and in many cases eliminate symptoms of reflux, colic, poor attachment to the bottle or breast, unsettled/restless behaviour, birth trauma, both physical and emotional.

Private Yoga and Quantum Flow
One-offs or regular sessions available
If you would like an individualised approach to your practise, a limited number of one-to-one's are available.

This can be yoga, quantum flow, energy work, coaching or a mixture of everything mind-body-soul!

It's important that you as a unique person experience the right tools for your own needs and wishes, and I am happy to discuss what those are and come up with a one-to-one plan.
For all one-to-one enquiries please message Pippa
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