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Life Coaching

With Pippa Moss

Pippa Moss, owner of The Space Within and founder of The Radical Self-Care Movement, offers Transformational Life Coaching - online via video call, and in-person at the studio.

The "ZEN DEN" offers an intimate, cosy environment, perfect for going within, and focussing just on you, in 1:1 Life Coaching.

Life Coaching at The Space Within includes classic life coaching, whereby you are guided towards your personal goals for positive change, by gentle enquiry to find the answers within.  Pippa  - a qualified Spiritual Life Coach and Shift Method Facilitator, also has a whole-istic toolkit to weave into your sessions to also include energy healing and spiritual practices plus wonderful techniques for gently and compassionately reqiring the subconscious to bring about positive change within, which will then bring about changes in your life on the outside.
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Life Coaching Packages
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Self-Care Audit & Intro to Coaching
If you are unsure about committing to a full coaching package, or would just like an intro into life coaching, I have a very special New Years offer for you.

Spend 90 minutes with me, and we'll help you get clear on where you are, and what you'd like to achieve, and how to help you go about it.  I'll show you some easy yet effective ways to help you feel more positive and make small or big changes to impact your self-care.
Special Offer 2024: £125 one-off self-care coaching session.
(If you decide you would like to continue with coaching with me, I will deduct the cost of this session from your package)
Spiritual Life Coaching
3 Month Life Coaching Package
Typically 6 sessions plus messaging, £750
When you want to make positive changes, when you are feeling a bit stuck, when you know you want to invest in your self-care.  When you want a personalised approach.  Perhaps you have a dream that you want to turn into reality.   Or a goal you are having trouble meeting.   Maybe you have talked about the issues you face, or past experiences that hold you back, til you go round in circles, you know what has caused it, now it's time to do something about it.  Or maybe you are not sure, you just know you have a block, or something you want to explore, in a safe, held, guided space.  Where you are given space, techniques, support and  asked the right questions to find the answers for yourself,   This isn't advice, this isn't therapy, it's not willpower.   This is coaching - and energy work - to help shift things for you on a subconscious and/or spiritual level, so that change can actually take place.   You will have your own personalised action plan and the option of messaging me for ongoing support throughout between sessions.
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VIP Deep Dive Day
Over one day, two half days, or two full days, Starting  from £550
Another coaching option if you want to go ALL IN and intense!  Like a very special, 1:1 retreat and workshop; your very own, VIP, self-development deep dive day - all about you!
If you are serious about making positive changes, let's do it... ​Coaching, spiritual &  transformational exercises, massage and beautiful self-care and embodiment practices to help you shift what’s been holding you back, and start manifesting - being - a newer, amazing version of you.
Messaging support for up to one month after.
Flexible and bespoke options, online or in person, choice of venues and facilities. (For example you may choose the studio, or a hotel)
For all coaching and one-to-one enquiries please message me 
Studying at Home
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